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Access to Early Learning

Every keiki deserves the best start in life.

Programs that develop and provide early learning opportunities for Native Hawaiian keiki and their ʻohana that prepare keiki for a lifetime of learning, foster connections to communities, and set the course for future success.

Kamehameha Schools Kaiāulu is interested in engaging with invited community organizations and education partners to support programs and projects that are delivered in Hawaiʻi to improve Native Hawaiian ʻohana access to early learning opportunities and to improve the early learning ecosystem in Hawaiʻi. We are accepting proposals in the following two areas:


Protecting Educational Opportunities focuses on ensuring the ‘ohana have access to the necessary resources to access early learning opportunities. We are seeking proposals for programs that provide:

  1. Family Child Interactive Learning Programming (FCIL)

  2. Support for ‘ohana to access early learning opportunities necessary to support the development of keiki and access affordable preschool opportunities or other early learning experiences


Stabilizing the Industry focuses on working alongside the state, non-profits, and other private investors to build capacity for a mixed delivery system. We are seeking proposals for programs that provide:

  1. Workforce Development

  2. Accreditation Support for Private Preschools

  3. Establishing Public Charter PreK Classrooms

  4. Establishing EOEL Classrooms

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