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Kuʻia Huakaʻi Kupulau 2023

Kuʻia Agricultural Education Center; Hawaii Farmers Union Foundation

Kuʻia, Maui

All ages

Spring 2023

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"Mo'o Ahia is the coolest mountain in this place!" Quote: student


This year we were able to share our curriculum with our youth and ʻohana, some for the first time in their life. Children and parents appreciated being in a safe space rooted deep in history and culture where all participants were able to engage in activities without feeling shamed, embaraced, or unordinary.

Harvest and planting of Kalo, Kanaka Hydrology, observance and maintenance of auwai functions from Poʻowai to Hoʻi wai. Cooking thier own meal in the Imu, Puaʻa, Kalo, ʻUlu, and ʻUala. Introduction to crafting of traditional fiber arts, each participant made their own piece of Kapa. Participants were led on hikes into the valley and explored forest and observed indigenous microbial life, learners were introduced to soil health of a forest environment. Invasive coffee trees were removed and repurposed for cultural implements. Participants were taught traditional kākālāʻau dances.

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