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Mohala Nā Konohiki & Miloliʻi Lawaiʻa ʻOhana Camp


Miloliʻi, Hawaiʻi

All ages

Summer 2023

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Program Goals:

To continue the traditions of konohiki values, principles and practices in Miloliʻi by maintaining the space of active learning for the next generation of aloha ʻāina, kiaʻi ʻāina and konohiki of Miloliʻi.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Outcome 1 - A new generation of konohiki apprentices have the foundational understanding of konohiki principles, values and practices and are equipped with generational knowledge and adaptive management skills resulting in their participation in training and monitoring efforts of Mohala Nā Konohiki Miloliʻi.

  • Outcome 2 - As a result of participating in the Mohala Nā Konohiki monitoring and training in Miloliʻi, the apprentices will increase the application of their knowledge of marine resources in the management of their Community-Based Subsistence Fishing Area and adjacent waters.

  • Outcome 3 - Increased 7-12 grade student exposure to generational fishing and konohiki practices and values. Students are able to articulate pride in self and place relevant to their learning experiences.

  • Outcome 4 - As a result of implementing the Miloliʻi Lawaiʻa ʻOhana Camp, generational family fishing practices, pono values and critical cultural knowledge of place and resource stewardship ensures healthy marine systems for future generations


Summer 2023 KS Kaiāulu Report


* There was a total of 210 participants through the duration of the program.

Most were consistent/repeated learners.

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