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Mele Murals Youth Intersession Program (Honolulu)

The Estria Foundation

Honolulu, Oahu


Spring 2023

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"Deepest gratitude for offering a model of stewardship centering creative practices rooted in Hawaii life ways, we look forward to continuing in the Fall."
- Marissa - Parent


Our objective this Spring was to provide an opportunity for our participants to have a learning experience that connected them to the values of Aloha and Aloha ʻĀina.

Our focus was on a holistic approach to community, Hawaiian values, and a sense of place. Our participants thrived in the environment and embraced the team, each other, and the activities we created for them.

Our lesson plans were focused on the theme of Kalo, and our daily structure revolved around art and Hawaiian culture activities including opening and closing protocols.

We have included a slide to share some images and a summary of our program.

Mahalo nui for the amazing opportunity to continue to serve.

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