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Ulu Aʻe Learning Center

Pi'ina Internship Program (ʻEwa)

Kalaeloa, O'ahu

Summer 2023



Program Information:

Piʻina is an internship program for high school students that focuses on leadership and field experience in Native Hawaiian practices and ‘āina-based learning. This program provides youth opportunities to grow their leadership and field experience during the Summer Intersession weeks. Interns receive 8-hours of training, 40 hours of field experience and 2 hours of resume building support. Upon completion of the program, interns receive a $400 stipend.

The program goal is to increase opportunities for high students in leadership and field experience to prepare them for the workforce and career options.

Interested participants can register online at The summer intersession dates are May 30- July 28, 2023.

Program Requirements:

  1. Student has a 2.0 GPA or better prior to enrolling in the internship program.

  2. Student has a healthy attendance record during the year prior to internship.

  3. Student has no history of being removed from any class for misbehavior or suspended from school for any reason during the year prior to the internship.


“One piece of advice that I would like to share with future interns is to LEARN! Take any and all opportunities to learn because it is a privilege to be able to learn more about the Hawaiian culture and to find the right balance in being an alakaʻi and a haumana.”

– Jadee Kealoha Silva, Spring 2022 Intern

“What I enjoyed most about my field experience was being able to experience the growth in the haumana, both culturally and socially, while also seeing that growth within myself.”

– Zane Tamashiro, Summer 2022 Intern

“What I enjoyed most about my field experience was the hands-on projects and activities we did daily and also building connections with the haumana and gaining their trust and respect as an alakaʻi.”

– Kaleb Sarmiento, Summer 2022 Intern

Program Start:

May 20, 2023

Program End:

July 28, 2023

Registration Begins:

April 1, 2023

Contact for more information:
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