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Mauliola Keʻehi

Mauliola Keʻehi Kaiola Summer Program

Keʻehi, Oʻahu

Summer 2023


6-8, 9-12

Program Information:

Our mission is to inspire, educate, and transform public consciousness regarding the abundant cultural history of our Hawaiian ancestors and the mo‘olelo they embraced. The core of our mission and work is to enhance the Mauliola (optimum wellbeing) of Hawai‘i’s citizens. To accomplish this, we (re)establish the reconnection between the ‘āina/kai and kanaka and facilitate transformative healing through culture-based education via physical, mental, and spiritual activities.


We believe culture is a health intervention and Hawaiian culture in its entirety is our ancestral medicine. Following the footsteps of our kupuna via moʻolelo (history, tradition), kilo (deep observation), kilo kino (observation of internal weather), ka noʻonoʻo ʻana (mindfulness/meditation therapy), hoe waʻa (canoe paddling), and pikai (sea sprinkle for purification), we will lead our haumāna on a path of wellbeing.


The program will be the week of June 19-21 from 8:30-3pm, with a max of 15-20 students for grades 6-12.  

Each haumāna will need to bring their own lunch. 

Each day will start with piko, followed by kilo & kilo kino activities, moʻolelo, paddling lessons, paddling, and a reef walk huakaʻi on two of the tidal islands. On the lowest tide, we will have a marine biologist from DAR come to share his ʻike. 

After lunch, they will have moʻolelo art class with Hawaiian artist Kupihea at the end of each day. Each Haumāna will leave with their own 3D art piece that depicts the moʻolelo of this wahi pana and their personal experience of that week.


Our intended outcomes are for each learner to deeply understand their own pilina to the mindset of our ancestors of the past, how that ʻike relates to them in this present time, and how that will help them navigate their future path and maintain a pono kahua.

Program Start:

June 19, 2023

Program End:

June 23, 2023

Registration Begins:

April 14, 2023

Contact for more information:
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