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Purple Mai'a Foundation

Future Ancestors Summer Innovation Exploration (Waiʻanae Moku)

Waiʻanae on the island of Oʻahu

Summer 2023



Program Information:

The Future Ancestors Summer Innovation Exploration is a 4 week Summer Learning Experience provided by the Purple Mai'a Foundation that will empower students to explore their community in search of Waiwai (Value and Richness). This learning experience lays the foundation for future explorations into Indigenous Innovation and Entrepreneurship that is inclusive of Native Hawaiian values and perspectives. IN the past we have focused on one Moku. This year we will bring this program to three communities on O'ahu.

Who: 20 Middle School Students

When: June 5th 2023 - June 30th 2023 (Tuesdays through Thursdays)

Time: 830am to 1230pm (Times may change on Huakai Days)

Program Components:

Purple Mai'a Entrepreneur Pathway Skills: Purple Mai'a has done extensive research and work in the Entrepreneurial space here in Hawaii and used this experience to identify the skills that are key to developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset. These skills will be integrated into the Summer Sprint to give students a basic understanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Guest Speakers and Huaka'i to Community Spaces and Wahi Pana: The Summer Sprint is not just about building entrepreneurs. We believe that the next generation of entrepreneurs need to understand creating value (Waiwai) from a community and cultural context. This program will give them a chance to learn from the people and places of their community. By being in community their ideas and innovations will be of the community. These are the indigidous innovators that will lead us into the future.

Exposure to S.T.R.Ē.Ā.M (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Art, 'Āina and Math) Learning Experiences: Yes this is a long acronym with many pieces to it but to summarize Purple Mai'a believes that our learning experiences need to be connected and integrated using all parts of the brain and opening up multiple entry points to student success. We donʻt do things in isolation but rather in connection which enables each student to use their strengths and passions to engage and learn with and from the world around them.

Hō'ike Presentations: Culturally, Hō'ike has always been an important part of learning for Hawaiians. It is a public acknowledgement of your skill and growth and brings with it a strong sense of Kuleana (Responsibility). Each student in the Summer Program will get a chance to be a part of this display and celebration of learning. It tells each of our students that what you have been doing for the last five weeks of your life matters to the people in your family and community.

Week Summary:

Week 1 Focus: Finding Value in Self

The haumana will begin their journey exploring two amazing Wahi Pana of their Community. These Wahi Pana are powerful places full of Mo'olelo and Mana because of their layers of history. We will meet the Kia'i that have taken on the Kuleana for these special places and learn more about the challenges that face our community in the future. We will end the week reflecting on our learning by participating in a workshop with a Native Hawaiian practitioner to bring their reflections to life in a tangible product .

Week #2 Focus: Defining Value

The Haumana will continue their journey into community with a focus on understanding and defining value. They will meet amazing leaders from their Community who are tackling complex social issues to understand value creation from their perspective.

Week #3 Focus: Defining Value

In week three we push into the ideas of entrepreneurship by introducing the haumana to kanaka who are connecting their passion for our culture and community to businesses that reflect those values. Students will then be challenged to create their own social campaign on a topic or issue they care about. This will help them to better understand how to communicate powerfully so that others can be inspired to care about the issues that are import to our students.

Week #4 Focus for the: Creating Value

In the fourth week we will begin to prepare to wrap up the experience and one of the best ways to do this is through art and artistic expression. We will connect the haumana with a local artist to help them identify the most impactful experiences of the last three weeks and create visual pieces that express that power and importance.


To celebrate the conclusion of our Summer Learning Experience we will have a Hō'ike of learning in which the haumana will put together a presentation of their 4 weeks together.

Program Start:

June 5, 2023

Program End:

June 30, 2023

Registration Begins:

April 1, 2023

Contact for more information:
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