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Papahana Kuaola

Wai Ea (Oʻahu), Kai Ea (Māui)

Papahana Huakaʻi

Oʻahu, Māui, Molokaʻi

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Everyday we began with kilo ao, the observation of the world around us. We paid close attention to everything in our environment and kept day journals of our observations. We noticed how
the clouds helped determine the weather and how the rainfall affected the depth of the stream and springs. We recognized how the practice of kilo helped us to plan our day.

After 5 weeks of removing invasive species from our stream and not seeing any native species, the haumana on week 6 were finally able to see ʻoʻopu and hīhīwai in the kahawai.

Lessons learned on the waʻa and understanding our role on our waʻa, our moku. How will we navigate through this ever changing world?

“My keiki really liked the activities but the one that she shared the most about with her ʻohana was the kilo
process and how something so small can have such a large impact.”

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