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The Estria Foundation

Mele Murals Summer Program

Papahana Huakaʻi


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The Estria Foundation completed the 4th year of its In-Person Summer Program. Proposed scope
was the following:
● 5 week program
● 30 students entering grades 3rd through 8th
● Free tuition for native Hawaiian students
● One Hawaiian culture Kumu, two art teachers, one dance/PE teacher
● Four Huaka‘i / Fieldtrips
● Weekly Hawaiian Music or Professional Artist Guest Speakers
● Mele Mural project to be painted on campus
● Ho‘ike Ending Celebration Event

Statistics at the end of the In-Person Summer Program:
● 26 students completed the program, 4 dropped out
● Five Huaka‘i / Fieldtrips completed, including one community beach cleanup
● Two Mele Mural walls completed
● Five Guest Musicians and one Guest Artist talks
● Ho‘ike Celebration Event hosted for parents, ohana, sponsors, and funders

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