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Kanuikapono Public Charter School

Hanohano Kalalea (Fall Session)

Anahola, Kauaʻi

Fall 2022


K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, Post-high / College

Program Information:

Program Description:

Hanohano Kalalea is an intersession program that prioritizes Kanaka Maoli methods of self-sufficiency through the perpetuation of culture-based practices, including mahina ʻai (farming food), ʻoihana lawaiʻa (fishing), and hoʻomākaukau meaʻai (food preparation). Programming will also be supported by introductory examinations of moʻolelo (history), mele (songs, chant) and hula (dance) that support and encourage mauli ola (health and wellness).



  • September 5th - Open Registration

  • October 3rd-7th - Fall Programming (9:00am-3:00pm)



  • Students will explore the importance of piko as a place and how to reconnect to the moku (district) of Koʻolau.

  • Students will gain real life experiences in an array of culture-based practices with focus on mahina ʻai (farming food), hānai holoholona (animal husbandry), ʻoihana lawaiʻa (fishing), and hoʻomākaukau meaʻai (food preparation).

  • Students will gain and create cultural artifacts that will align to the ʻIke Hawaiʻi Framework of Kanuikapono.

  • Students will engage and participate in place-based and project-based activities that align with Kanuikapono's Mission and Vision.



  • Students will learn the significance of mauli ola in Hawaiʻi.

  • Students will learn 5-10 wahi pana within the Koʻolau moku.

  • Students will learn at least two different techniques for each method of food production, including mahina ʻai, hānai holoholona, ʻoihana lawaiʻa, and hoʻomākaukau meaʻai.

  • Students will create 1-2 cultural artifacts.

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