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WAA: Waimānalo ʻĀina Aloha

Mālama Honua PCS

Waimānalo, Oʻahu

All grades pre-k through 12

Summer 2022

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Learners used the summer to stregthen their pilina with their kaiāulu of Waimānalo. Younger learners and learners new to Malama Honua PCS explored wahi pana, learned mele and oli of Waimānalo,being better prepared to start the school year. Older and more experienced learners continue to build their pilina with community partners, participated in mālama ʻāina acitivities, and continued to train as poʻe waʻa. Those haumana focused on math, were given math practice and skills as well as opportunities to incorporate math in ʻāina experiences, better preparing them, increasing their confident to start the next school year in math.

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