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Papahana Puakahinano Summer Series

Hui Ho'oleimaluō

Hilo, Hawaiʻi

All ages Pre-K to Kūpuna

Summer 2022

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ʻAe, ua kaʻana mai kuʻu mau keiki i kā lākou i aʻo ai i kēlā me kēia lā. Ua kākoʻo a paipai ʻia ko mākou, ka ʻohana e hānai mua ai iā lākou no ke aloha ʻāina.


Papahana Puakahinano consisted of three different subjects over the summer, including Papa Hana Noʻeau, Papa Holo Kai, and Hoʻi ka Wai. Each subject was held at a wahi pana where students learned about a Hawaiian practice assocaited with that wahi pana. 

Papa Hana Noʻeau was held at Laehala in Keaukaha where grades K-12 learned the processes of natural dyeing with plants collected form that wahi pana; ulana lauhala in the form a apolima or bracelet; and lei making from plants also gathered at Laehala. 

Hoʻi ka Wai focused on interactions of freshwater in the uplands (uka) at Paukaʻa with ʻĀina University and at Kaumaui in Keaukaha. Students in this program were able to immerse themselves in planting Hawaiian food crops in the uplands; maintain kahawai; restore loko wai; harvest fish in the ocean; and prepare and indulge in food that was harvsted by themselves. 

Papa Holokai provided experiences in navigating pratices such as food preservation and canning; star compass; kilo; and water safety. 

All of these programs offered weekly hula lessons where students engaged and performed hula that are associated with the particular practice or place in which took place.

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