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Makapuʻu Body Boarding Club

Makapuʻu Bodyboarding Club


6-8, 9-12, Post-high / College, Mākua & Kūpuna

Fall 2022

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At the Mayborn Museum I learned how people lived in America in the 1890's. It was very simple.
-Keahi Chong


Makapuʻu Bodyboarding Club Fall Intersession in Waco, Texas:

We wanted our learners to experience what we expect of tourists who visit our home (Hawaiʻi). We visited Mayborn Musem Complex at Baylor University. There we learned about some American History and Prehistoric History. We then went to Magnolia Silo's where we played a game of baseball in an area that Babe Ruth played when he was young. Our students played with a young boy who was playing by himself, this made the boy's mother very happy. We wanted to eat authentic Texas BBQ which is a huge part of their culture. We ate at Jasper's BBQ, it was great!

The trip was setup so our club members/students could go to Waco Surf to practice their bodyboarding skills in a controlled environment. We spent 5 days at the park interacting with employees, locals and other visitors. The main purpose for this intersession trip was for our students to experience and learn American culture while teaching and sharing our culture and our values of Pono, Aloha and Kuleana. I'd say our Fall Intersession was a great success.

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