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I Ola Iā Mauliola Fall (Honolulu)

ʻAha Kāne

Honolulu, Oʻahu

All ages

Fall 2022

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"Mahalo kumu for teaching me about ʻalae and how and where to gather it. I saw my papa has it in a jar but didnʻt know what it was or how to use it." -Keiki (12 years old)


1) Mauli Ola- Attendees learned and grasped several pule hoʻōla and we focused this session on the rituals of gathering practices associated with lāʻau lapaʻau. They also refined their lomi techniques, and had short workshops on how to work on injured famliy members. We learned to prepare two dishes of ʻai pono which they partook in and were tasked to go home and recreate the dish for their family members.


2) Food Preservation- Due to a short timeframe we focused on drying and preparing condiments and seasonings for foods. We gathered, air dried and bottled seasonings to enhance the taste of foods.


3) Financial Wellness- All participants started by discussing what they observe at home and practices they regularly do. We looked at their practices and started there by helping them see and understand more postive actions that help build wealth.


4). Hoʻoponopono- Our families met with practitioners of Māmā Mahuiki's line of Hoʻoponopono. They shared moʻolelo of this work and shared personal experiences where they had first hand knowledge of working with families and children and gifted the keiki working knowledge of how to identify, support and respond when they see discourse and struggles taking place within their homes. It was about giving them options, insight and knowledge.

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