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Mauka to Makai Makaha Jr. Lifeguard Program (Summer)

Mauka to Makai Makaha Foundation

Wai‘anae, O‘ahu

3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Summer 2023

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Sharing a quick testimony on my twins brief journey since joining the Jr. Guard Program. We first joined during the Summer of 2022. At the time, both children knew basic swimming skills but not quite familiar with ocean safety and the potential real life dangers. Since joining a year ago, I’ve watched them learn and grow more confidently in both swimming and their knowledge of the ocean. This program has taught them lifeguard skills to help prevent, recognize and how to respond to emergencies.

We live on an island surrounded by the ocean. Not only do you gain Ocean Safety skills and awareness, these children are making new friends, creating lifelong memories and having lots of fun all while being educated by our very own certified instructors. We are one big Ohana!


The goal of Mauka to Makai Makaha Foundation is to educate the keiki and young individuals in our community. Our educational initiatives encompass various essential subjects, including Hawaiian history, cultural practices, ocean safety education, sustainable-traditional gathering practices, CPR training, and ancient and modern ocean sports. By equipping our youth with knowledge and wisdom from the past, we prepare them for the future that lies ahead.

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