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ʻAha Lamakū ʻOiaʻiʻo (Summer)
ʻAha Lamakū ʻOiaʻiʻo (Summer)

Mon, Aug 21



ʻAha Lamakū ʻOiaʻiʻo (Summer)

ʻAha Lamakū ʻOiaʻiʻo (ALO) is a culturally-responsive leadership development, mentoring, and transition support system for Native Hawaiian and other youth of Pāhoa High School.

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Time & Location

Aug 21, 2023, 7:00 PM – Aug 22, 2023, 7:00 PM

Pāhoa, Pāhoa, HI 96778, USA


About the event

ʻAha Lamakū ʻOiaʻiʻo (ALO) is a culturally-responsive leadership development, mentoring, and transition support system for Native Hawaiian and other youth of Pāhoa High School. We have a total of 40 students in this cohort (ten from each grade level), and will be working with them through their high school careers.

ALO is partnering with multiple community non-profit organizations and leaders (such as Keone Kalawe, Men of PAʻA, Nā Maka Hāloa O Waipiʻo, and Pōhaku Pelemaka) to provide ʻāina-based service learning opportunities and culturally-relevant leadership training.

What we do:

  • One-to-one and small group classroom settings
  • Field trips (huaka‘i), ʻāina-based learning
  • Mentorship and college/career planning
  • Community service
  • Retreats
  • Paid internships
  • College tours
  • Employment training

Haumāna Goals:

  • Be successful in high school
    • HĀ/Nā Hopena Aʻo Alignment:

Strengthened Sense of Responsibility: I willingly carry my responsibility for self, family, community and the larger society. A sense of Responsibility is demonstrated by a commitment and concern for others. I am mindful of the values, needs and welfare of others.

a. Come to school regularly, on-time and ready to learn

b. See self and others as active participants in the learning process

c. Question ideas and listens generously

d. Ask for help and feedback when appropriate

e. Make good decisions with moral courage and integrity in every action.

f. Set goals and complete tasks fully

g. Reflect on the quality and relevancy of the learning

h. Honor and make family, school and communities proud

  • Transition into post-secondary programs
    • HĀ/Nā Hopena Aʻo Alignment:

Strengthened Sense of Excellence: I believe I can succeed in school and life and am inspired to care about the quality of my work. A sense of Excellence is demonstrated by a love of learning and the pursuit of skills, knowledge and behaviors to reach my potential. I am able to take intellectual risks and strive beyond what is expected.

a. Define success in a meaningful way

b. Know and apply unique gifts and abilities to a purpose

c. Prioritize and manage time and energy well

d. Take initiative without being asked

e. Explore many areas of interests and initiate new ideas

f. Utilize creativity and imagination to problem-solve and innovate g. See failure as an opportunity to learn well

h. Assess and make improvements to produce quality work

  • Make meaningful connections to important people, places, practices, and resources of Puna makai and Hawaiʻi nei
    • HĀ/Nā Hopena Aʻo Alignment:
      • Strengthened Sense of Belonging: I stand firm in my space with a strong foundation of relationships. A sense of Belonging is demonstrated through an understanding of lineage and place and a connection to past, present, and future. I am able to interact respectfully for the betterment of self and others.

a. Know who I am and where I am from

b. Know about the place I live and go to school

c. Build relationships with many diverse people

d. Care about my relationships with others

e. Am open to new ideas and different ways of doing things

f. Communicate with clarity and confidence

g. Understand how actions affect others

h. Actively participate in school and communities

  • Strengthened Sense of Hawai‘i: I am enriched by the uniqueness of this prized place. A sense of Hawai‘i is demonstrated through an appreciation for its rich history, diversity and indigenous language and culture. I am able to navigate effectively across cultures and communities and be a steward of the homeland.

a. Pronounce and understand Hawaiian everyday conversational words

b. Use Hawaiian words appropriate to their task

c. Learn the names, stories, special characteristics and the importance of places in Hawai‘i

d. Learn and apply Hawaiian traditional world view and knowledge in contemporary settings

e. Share the histories, stories, cultures and languages of Hawai‘i

f. Compare and contrast different points of views, cultures and their contributions

g. Treat Hawai‘i with pride and respect

h. Call Hawai‘i home

  • Find their own path in life and be prepared to travel it
    • HĀ/Nā Hopena Aʻo Alignment:
      • Strengthened Sense of Aloha: I show care and respect for myself, families, and communities. A sense of Aloha is demonstrated through empathy and appreciation for the symbiotic relationship between all. I am able to build trust and lead for the good of the whole.

a. Give generously of time and knowledge

b. Appreciate the gifts and abilities of others

c. Make others feel comfortable and welcome

d. Communicate effectively to diverse audiences

e. Respond mindfully to what is needed

f. Give joyfully without expectation of reward

g. Share the responsibility for collective work

h. Spread happiness

  • Strengthened Sense of Total Well-being: I learn about and practice a healthy lifestyle. A sense of Total Well-being is demonstrated by making choices that improve the mind, body, heart and spirit. I am able to meet the demands of school and life while contributing to the wellbeing of family, ‘āina, community and world.

a. Feel safe physically and emotionally

b. Develop self-discipline to make good choices

c. Manage stress and frustration levels appropriately

d. Have goals and plans that support healthy habits, fitness and behaviors

e. Utilize the resources available for wellness in everything and everywhere

f. Have enough energy to get things done daily

g. Engage in positive, social interactions and has supportive relationships

h. Promote wellness in others


  • Systematic transition supports
    • PHIS Academic Plan Alignment: Enabling Activities:
      • Continue to expand student clubs, recess activities, and extra curricular activities such as athletics to provide structured activities for students during recess and after school.
  • Academic and social-emotional supports
    • PHIS Academic Plan Alignment: Theories of Action:
      • If we can provide an alternative program after school that provides remediation to students who are credit deficient then we should be at the state’s graduation goal of 95% on time graduation.
    • PHIS Academic Plan Alignment: Enabling Activities:
      • Continue to implement SEL activities at both the middle and high school levels.
  • Culturally-responsive leadership development and mentoring
    • PHIS Academic Plan Alignment: Theories of Action:
      • If we have place-based or project-based learning opportunities, students will be more motivated and engaged in the learning process
  • Family and community engagement activities and events
    • PHIS Academic Plan Alignment: Theories of Action:
      • If we focus on community and culture building with students/caregivers/community then attendance should increase
    • PHIS Academic Plan Alignment: Enabling Activities:
      • Develop community partnerships with various social service and culturally relevant groups to come on campus and provide both guidance but also lessons for students and staff.


  • Trained transition advisor who liaises between students, schools, families, community partners, and the project
  • Support staff who assists with program implementation and supervision


  • Summer

June - July, 2023

Community Cultural Education

Learning Outcomes:

Students will experience various wahi pana in Puna Makai in ʻāina-based service learning projects with a variety of cultural experts and community leaders. Program participants that graduated in 2023 will be eligible to apply for paid internships as alakaʻi for the ALO Summer program.


Keone Kalawe, Liliʻuokalani Trust, Nā Maka Hāloa o Waipiʻo, Pōhaku Pelemaka, Men of PAʻA

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