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Mauka to Makai Makaha Foundation

Mauka to Makai Makaha Jr. Lifeguard Program (Fall)

Wai‘anae, O‘ahu

Fall 2022


3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Program Information:

Description of Program:

The Junior Lifeguard program educates keiki and the community in ocean safety, knowledge skills and practices. It is an invaluable tool in saving lives by educating and training participants in risk assessment skills, ocean safety techniques, and practical assessment of environment and situations. 

This is a week-long program where participants will engage in lifeguard training at Makaha Beach Park. Keiki will undergo physical training through exercises performed on land and in water.

Ocean safety is taught by learning essential techniques like tube, surfboard, and boogie board as well as personal watercraft (PWC) skills and techniques. They will be learning CPR, first aid, and basic ocean and surf knowledge such as tides and currents. They learn risk assessment skills by demonstrations and pointing out seasonal conditions, behaviors of the ocean, and other environmental factors that could cause harm.

Program Goals:

The primary goal is to have the participants comfortable when they are at the beaches and oceans, thinking about safety when they are at home, and assessing their environments to prevent unnecessary loss of life or harm.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will be familiar with rescue board, boogie board, and tube rescue skills. They will have some training in first aid and CPR. They will be more aware of their environment and risks that may be present.


  • October 9- October 13 (Makaha Beach Park)

  • December 26- December 29 (Makaha Beach Park)

Program Start:

Program End:

Registration Begins:

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