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National Tropical Botanical Garden

Laʻa Ulu : Na Lauaʻe o Makana

Haʻena, Kauai

Spring 2023


9-12, Post-high / College

Program Information:

This is an 'Aina Based Program meant to focus on the mea ko'iko'i/ waiwai to Halelea and particularly Ha'ena. Students would learn fishing practices specific to Halele'a/ Ha'ena (such as he'e using stick, 'ai wana, 'akule), plants specific to Halele'a/ Ha'ena (such as Laua'e and papala), Limu and how to gather based on Halele'a/ Ha'ena gathering practices, hana lo'i kalo (our kalo traditions in Halele'a/ Ha'ena), and hula and oli specific to our hula practitioners like 'Ilalaole and Wahine Keauoli Pa. The purpose of this program and curriculum is to give students first hand experience with our place based practice in hopes that we will create and inspire the next generation of practitioners. Integrated into their curriculum will be place-based and age appropriate writing, reading, and literacy.


Goals/ Outcomes:

  • Learners will be able to identify 6 or more mea koikoi/wai from our Haleleʻa, Haʻena community.

  • Learners are able to identify 10 or more wahi pana of Haleleʻa, Haʻena.

  •  Learners are able to idenfity 3 or more famous plants to Haleleʻa, Haʻena.

  •  Learners are able to idenfity 3 or more famous marine resources to Haleleʻa, Haʻena.

  •  Learners are able to identify ways in which they can contribute to community capacity and leadership.

Program Start:

Program End:

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