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Hoʻāla ʻĀina Kūpono

Hoʻāla ke Kilo (Fall 2022)

Kahana, Koʻolauloa, Oʻahu

Fall 2022


All ages

Program Information:

Hoʻāla ke Kilo is our fall/spring program that focuses on sharpening our skills needed to make keen observations leading to accurate predictions in the ahupuaʻa o Kahana (specifically Huilua loko iʻa, Kalehualoa, and Trout Farm Road loʻi kalo), and Hakipuʻu loʻi kalo.

This year's program will focus on growing our kilo skill by using the ʻaukuʻu, black-crowned night heron, as an example of a keen observer of its surroundings. Hoʻāla ke Kilo Fall 2022 will observe and learn as much things as we can about the ʻaukuʻu we will observe in Kahana ahupuaʻa, their characteristics, dwelling, diet, and habits. The ʻaukuʻu is one of many native birds that we hope to learn about and learn from. Our Native birds are an integral part of the indigenous and endemic Hawaii ecosystem that inform us of the health of the native habitat around us. 

We will use the words and phrases hoʻā, hū ʻā, and kō ʻā to lead our daily lessons:

Hoʻā, to turn on and ignite. Our haʻawina (lessons) will focus on isolating specific senses to identify them, what they do, and how we can continue to train ourselves and our senses to gather specific information for our specific needs.

Hū ʻā, hū meaning to burst and overflow and ʻā that which has been lit and ignited. The goal is to grow the ʻiʻini (desire) for each learner to learn. We want each learner to have an ʻono to continue to ʻimi ʻike and ʻimi naʻauao, to seek knowledge, with no boundaries and no judgment. We practice to gather an assortment of information, to gather all information to broaden our database of knowledge to practice formulating questions that help us refine our practice of being responsible stewards of our ʻāina.

Kō ʻā, kō to fulfill, complete, accomplish and succeed in whatever we chose/choose to ʻā. As our learners become maʻa/accustomed to observing their surroundings, gathering information and formulating questions we will support each other to answer the questions we formulate and also refine our practice as kahu ʻāina to recognize the sanctity of mālama ʻāina (caring for the land) through laulima (working together) to hold puʻuhonua (safe spaces) for all living things.

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