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Summer Kula Kauwela

Kualapuʻu Public Charter School

Kualapuʻu, Molokaʻi

Grade 6

Summer 2022

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We enjoy the fact that the keiki get to learn hands on style and actually see the places and things they are learning about. It would be great if it could go another week!



Our program allowed students to make personal connections to various wahi pana on Molokaʻi.

We learned moʻolelo and mele tied to these places.

Students were introduced (if applicable) to stewards of these wahi pana - and were introduced to their kuleana in these places.

We got to engage in cultural, environmental, social, economical practices and learned how these practices impact our lives.

Students were tasked with hands on service learning activities - beach clean ups, helping to rid the loko iʻa of invasive species, highway clean ups. They learned the importance of caring for our natural resources (wai, honua, kai) by reducing, reusing and recycling materials.

We learned that certain practices can be a source of income for us (recycling) as well as a way of life (eat what you plant!).

We spent a lot of time out of the classroom making connections and celebrating our beautiful island.


Another aspect of our program (classroom learning) was understanding that ALOHA ʻĀINA was also tied to our kūpuna - our aliʻi and our Mōʻī. The students were introduced to historical facts each day about our 8 reigning Mōʻī. The students engaged in visual art, mele and hula highlighting them. We included opportunities to read and write about our Mōʻī. And finally, at our hōʻike, we included an oral presentation piece (for Kaiapuni students) that incorporated facts about each Mōʻī. For non- Kaiapuni students, they were encouraged to learn a haʻi ʻōlelo hoʻolauna that introduces themselves and their ʻohana, birthplace as well as a favorite activity at Kula Kauwela.






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