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Huakaʻi Kupulau Kauwela

Kuʻia Agricultural Education Center / Hawaiʻi Farmers Union Foundation

Kuʻia & Lahaina, Māui

All ages Pre-K to Kūpuna

Summer 2022

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This Kauwela was a success in working together as a whole group in a variety of age groups, mirroring family and village structure, leadership capabilities and opportunities for youth to mālama kekahi i kekahi and older students to gain self-efficacy in their practice of nurturing younger students needing guidance and modeled behavior during work activities. 

With the financial assitance to have more staff, we were able to take keiki surfing and on the waʻa this year which was a highlight for many.

Many students were able to experience a greater boundary and become more independent in the kai and gain valuable experiences that safely strengthen their swimming capabilities symbolic to maturing into a strong and independent kanaka.

In another instance, students were able to identify hīhīwai when repairing a section of the poʻowai at our trip to Waikapū, an impressionable moment for our host Hōkūao Pellegrino who has laid the groundwork for stream restoration efforts in Nā Wai ʻEhā.

Post-program reflections indicate that participants created new friendships and strengthened pilina between each other and will only grow as they enter the new school year together. 

KAEC has had multiple high school students who are entering their senior year that have participated in all of KAEC's Kaulu Huakaʻi programs-- we at KAEC have great confidence that the ʻike from knowing the resources of their wahi pana and experiences gained through these programs will serve them in their futures (careers, family, advocacy, etc.). 

The opportunities that Kaulu provides has allowed access for youth in Lahaina and the greater Maui community to truly grow, engage, and deepen their sense of place together in the values of aloha ʻāina ma uka a i kai.

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